Our TrainingYou need the best candidates. We give you the skills to interview and recruit them, successfully

With our bespoke interview training, your managers can learn how to structure an interview effectively, coupled with powerful competency-based interview techniques which ensure you identify and impress the best candidates. You will learn a range of interviewing skills, and then practise in realistic interview simulations with professional actors.

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Why train your interviewers?

Hiring is expensive, and time-consuming. And yet many organisations ignore a key part of their recruitment process, and leave interviewing to chance. Training your interviewing managers is quick and affordable, and it brings many benefits:
    • Hire better people every time
    • Spend less time and money on recruitment
    • Reduce hiring mistakes
    • Reduce staff attrition rates
    • Hire the right person for the role – and your organisation

Bespoke interviewing training

Our interviewing training is unique, because every training workshop we deliver is tailored to your organisation’s culture, mission and values. And while most interviewing training relies on unrealistic role-plays, we use professional actors to bring our lessons to life.
    • 1 day interviewing training workshops (depending on your requirements)
    • Blend of interviewing theory and practical experience
    • 1-15 participants (depending on your requirements)
    • Learn how to structure an interview together with behavioural / competency based interviewing techniques

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What is competency-based interviewing?

Competency-based interviewing is based on the theory that an individual’s past performance is a great indicator of future performance.

So to evaluate a person’s potential for your job, you need to investigate how they performed in similar roles in the past.

Competency-based interviewing involves getting beyond the CV. While traditional interviews are based on an interviewer running through the applicant’s CV (their promotional tool), competency-based interviews focus on the role and the skills, attitudes and behaviours that the role requires.

Competency (or behavioural) interviewing can improve your chances of hiring the right candidate by 50% – Personnel Selection Methods (JF Salgado)
By asking candidates questions related to the role you can lead the interview and unearth details about the candidate which aren’t apparent from their CV.

The need for consistency in your interviewing...

When you interview a candidate for a role, you are also being evaluated – by the candidate.

Many businesses lack a company style or approach to interviewing. Managers can have very different approaches to interviewing, giving candidates a muddled, uncertain experience.

A lack of communication between interviewing managers can mean that candidates are asked the same questions multiple times, while important matters are never discussed at all.

Winning the ‘war for talent’ means getting everything right in the recruitment process. And that’s where our training and assessment services come in.
Our training teaches your managers how to be slick and efficient in interviews, and make a great first impression.

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