hl-logoHoliday Lettings were growing rapidly. Their MD, Jonathan Dees was conducting more and more interviews. He had done many interviews in the past, but had never had any formal interview training.


The training we delivered…

Simone designed a one to one training session for Jonathan. The training covered all aspects of interviewing, including effectively screening CVS, structuring an interview, competency based questioning technique and how to apply it effectively during interview and decision making. Due to Jonathan’s busy work schedule, we kept the training to 2 hours.


“Simone provided insightful and practical training that has without question helped me identify and consistently recruit a higher quality and more successful level of candidate.” – Jonathan Dees, Holiday Lettings MD

From the session Simone ran with Jonathan, she was invited to Oxford to deliver an interview training workshop for 18 of their Managers / Team Leaders. Subsequently, Simone designed and ran a series of 1 day workshops for their parent company TripAdvisor in the UK, Europe & the US.


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Feedback from participants:

“Such high quality trainers. Really exceptional.”

“Breaking down of questions / approach – then the role play. I would absolutely recommend; exceeded expectations.”

“I liked the 10 steps of interviewing to form guidelines for the process and ensure I hit all the important points. I’d definitely recommend. Fun and engaging!”

“The real practical interviews with actors… I thought it was extremely well rounded and inclusive of all interview facets. I recommend this training especially to interviewers without much previous interview experience.”

“I’ve been reading over the notes from the Interview Skills session and they’re so helpful. I’ve even managed to put them into practice as we’re currently recruiting for a position on my team. It’s made such a difference, so just wanted to say a massive thank you!”

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