Can your candidates do what they claim?

Our innovative assessments are a new way to evaluate candidates. Get beyond a candidate’s claims and discover how they perform.

For your next key hire, assess the readiness of candidates to take on new challenges – and minimise the risks of hiring the wrong individual.

We design, develop and deliver bespoke candidate assessments which use role-plays to ascertain which people are suited to a position. These assessments provide an effective way to evaluate candidates and reduce hiring mistakes.

Why assess your candidates?

Recruitment is costly, and time-consuming. And with a little up-front investment, you can ensure you get better candidates for every role. The benefits of assessing your candidates include:

    • Judge whether candidates are capable of filling a particular role by getting them to demonstrate key skills or behaviours.
    • Give hiring managers vivid insights into potential candidates.
    • Make informed recruitment choices and reduce staff turnover.

Candidate assessments

Assessments are tailored to your organisation, and include a mix of competency-based interviewing and role-plays that give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and behaviours that the role demands.

    • Bespoke assessments tailored to your organisation.
    • Professional actors bring the experience to life.
    • Multiple candidates can be assessed during each workshop
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